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Being a popular global destination in the South Florida region, Miami is known for its beaches, warm weather, and luxurious lifestyle. A mouth-watering Hotpoint for foreign investors and visitors yearning to enjoy the magic city’s endless opportunities.

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The city has a population of approximately 442,241 people, according to the 2020 census.

South Florida has gained traction in the real estate market, thus attracting tons of tourists and property investors globally. On the other hand, you might be a Miami resident planning to venture into rental property investments to boost your passive income.

Whether you already own a property or seek to purchase one, you must ensure your safety by prioritizing your asset’s overall security.

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Miami’s Residential Lifestyle & Real Estate Market

The city has a blend of both urban and suburban residential lifestyles. As a property owner/landlord, you might choose one over the other depending on your commercial preferences.

Time to share some tips on keeping your residential property safe in Miami as a property investor.

How to Keep Your Residential Property Secure in Miami

  • Wire your house.
  • Install quality door locks in your home.
  • Secure garage door.
  • Secure windows.
  • Install a UPS system in your house.
  • Don’t leave valuables in the garage.
  • Light up your home and surroundings.

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Wire Your Home With Security Cameras

Install quality cameras around your house in areas you would want to monitor constantly. Nowadays, we have advanced, highly sensor-coloured security cameras for maximum surveillance.

You can install a camera facing the entrance to your house, one in the backyard, one inside the house in the entrance or lounge. There is no wrong way of installing these cameras.

Link the cameras to your portable devices, such as your phone or laptop so that you can monitor the property from anywhere. Isn’t technology amazing?

Install quality door locks.

You wouldn’t want someone breaking into your house when you are away. That’s why you should always opt for door locks that cannot be compromised easily. Such door locks are high quality in the market.

When shopping for door locks, ask the dealer for recommendations. Well, some dealers are more informed than others. That’s why you should be informed as well to avoid future regrets. Here is a catalog of top door hardware in Miami.

Secure Your Garage Door

Most burglaries happen because the owner’s garage can easily be opened from the outside. Eliminate this error ASAP to avoid future regrets. Install quality locks for your garage door and ensure it is locked whenever it is not in use.

Locking a garage from within is way better than from outside. Eliminates chances of the lock being manipulated from outside. Ask your dealer to fit your garage door with a high-quality, trusted lock for the space.

The most forgotten inlet to your house is the window. If you want to really secure your property in Miami or anywhere else, you do not want to leave loopholes for I’ll intended people.

Make sure you lock your windows from within before leaving and when you are going to bed. There are also tinted windows if you stay in a busy neighborhood and prefer enjoying your privacy.

Install UPS System to Your Home

Being a city on the shores, Miami’s location increases the chances of experiencing extreme weather conditions, especially thunderstorms, once in a while. FYI, this city experiences at least 3 thunderstorms a year.

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If you own a suburban property in the suburbs, you might want to consider installing electrical systems to conduct the electricity in case lightning strikes.

Therefore, you can hire commercial and residential electrical contractors to install a UPS system on your property. Prevention is better than cure; you’ll never know where or when lightning will strike.

We mentioned earlier that most break-ins happen through the garage. You wouldn’t want to store your valuable items in an exposed room like that, would you?

I would keep tools in the garage and make secure cabinets for my valuables in a storage room within the house. The most valuable items, such as documents and other crucial items should be inside a safe.

Light up your premises.

People always assume light homes with lights on have residents at home, and burglars would avoid such homes.

Having your security lights on at night would keep your home safe from break-ins. Whether you are at home or not, keep your security lights on.


Despite Miami being a safe place to live, ensuring adequate safety measures for your property would improve your tenants’ in this luxurious city.

Following the seven measures tips above, you will have a much safer home by ensuring maximum security.

In case of any suspicious activity in your neighborhood, you might have to call 911. As a property owner, your occupants’ safety should be your top priority.

Home Security in Miami – Frequently Asked Questions

Is South Miami a good neighborhood?

South Miami has a population of approximately 11,997. It has a blend of urban and suburban residential. The relatively low population makes it a good place to consider. A small population makes it easy for neighborhood watch to monitor the area.

What is the safest part of South Beach Miami?

Fisher Island is the last place to worry about your safety in South Miami. The area is 97% safer than the average nationwide safety. It sounds like a place you could leave your wallet at the beach and still find it, right? Don’t try that though.

Is South Florida safe at night?

Despite the low crime rate in the region, you don’t want to be a victim of an ill-intended civilian. At night, avoid deserted backstreets, walk in groups, and be more vigilant to avoid pickpockets.



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