Top Family-Friendly Cities for Multifamily Property Investing in South Florida

Are you looking for the best cities for multifamily property investing in South Florida? As a real estate investor, you would agree with us that location is a significant factor in an investment, right?

Given the state’s policies and tax benefits in its real estate market, the South Florida region is already a good fit for your investment. We have collected valuable data from different cities and towns in South Florida. They would come in handy in decision-making.

Let’s take a trip into nitty-gritty detail, shall we?

8 Best Cities for Multifamily Property Investing in Florida 

  • Hollywood
  • Coral Gable
  • Hallandale
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Miami
  • Kendall
  • Pinecrest
  • Doral

The areas have a booming real estate market given rising demand and appreciation of rental income. The graph below shows the median property value in the areas.

The value of property varies greatly, you need to know this to work with the budget you have. Let’s compare that to the average monthly revenue for one-bedroom units.

The difference isn’t that great, right? Once we look at the actual numbers, you should be able to calculate your expected ROI. We’ll leave you prepared and ready for the market by the time we are done here.

5 Reasons to buy a multi-family house in South Florida

  1. State policies: Florida State doesn’t charge state income tax on investments. No taxes either when passing down the property to your heirs. Amazing!
  2. Conducive weather: The region is well known for its warm weather. Assuming you are a tenant, would you prefer to stay in a cold or warm area? Most people prefer that warm option. As an investor, the weather is already working in your favour.
  3. Growing job market: Cities in South Florida are recognised international business hubs. Global companies are attracted to such places, setting up offices. That would mean more job-seeking tenants for you.
  4. Booming real estate market: All the factors above have contributed to this. What is even more appealing is the rising investment returns in this market. Sounds like an investor’s paradise.
  5. Growing population: The population shown on the data above is from 2020 data. The population is projected to increase with 4-6% growth rate annually. This is from annual births and immigration rates put into account.

Factors to Consider when choosing the best cities for multifamily 

  • Insurance
  • Budget
  • Investment strategy
  • Hurricane hazard
  • Social amenities

Steps for Buying a Multi-family Property in South Florida

  1. Have your finances in order. Make sure your credit score can convince lenders to loan you.
  2. Get pre-approved for a mortgage. Compare lending terms from different banks before applying for the mortgage.
  3. Have an agent to help out. An agent will make your house hunting easier as they have access to listed properties. Provide them with aspects you are looking for in a property. It helps narrow down the search.
  4. Compare sales records (comps). Recent sales records of properties with similar aspects as that which you want to purchase should be looked at at this stage. It will inform you if the price you have been quoted is high or fair. This will come in handy for bargaining.
  5. Make an offer. After settling for a particular property, make an offer to the seller. The seller can accept or reject your offer.
  6. Inspect the premises. Keenly look around the house. Note repairs that should be done by the seller before closing the deal. This will save you from future regrets.
  7. Close agreement. Sign the agreement papers and own the property officially.

Final Thoughts on Best Cities for Multifamily Property Investing

Now that we have looked at the best cities for multifamily property investing and how you can buy a multifamily property, you are set to go. Choose the best city for you and buy the house.

All these cities will favour a multi-family property investment, just pick a good location for the property. If you still feel stuck, seek professional advice from a professional property management company for South Florida investors.

Best Family-friendly Cities to Live & Invest in – FAQs

  • Is Florida a good place to invest in Real Estate? Yes, real estate has high value and an appreciating monthly revenue. It’s a lucrative market for both residential and commercial properties.
  • Why are real estate prices in South Florida so high? High population growth plus the shortage of housing made the prices rise. To meet the demand, more houses have to be constructed. That would lower the real estate prices.
  • Where are multi-family homes most common? Mostly within cities’ metropolitans. There is a high demand for housing so landlords utilize the limited space to accommodate a large number of people.
  • Is the real estate market slowing down in South Florida? No. There is a high demand for property in South Florida that doesn’t seem to be slowing down soon. Investing in this market will yield you a high ROI.



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